Simon Aldridge is a Professor of Main Group and Metal Organometallic Chemistry. Our current research encompasses projects which are more fundamental in nature (‘discovery driven’) – such as  studies aimed at systematically uncovering the chemistry of new types of chemical bond, as well as those which are targeted at specific applications - such as sensors for toxic environmental contaminants and catalysts for hydrogen production from B/N containing materials. An over-arching theme of much of the work is the stabilization and application of compounds with potent Lewis acidity.

 Three main areas encompass a significant proportion of recent research efforts:

(i) The synthetic, structural and reaction chemistry of transition metal complexes containing multiple bonds to group 13 elements;

(ii) Structure/bonding studies of transition metal boryl/borane and related complexes and investigation of their implication in amine-borane activation and C-H functionalization chemistries; and

(iii) The design and synthesis of novel Lewis acids with applications in sensors and catalysis.

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