There are currently no advertised positions in the O'Hare Group. 

If you are interested in postdoctoral opportunities when there are no current positions in the group then please email Professor O’Hare directly and send a copy of your CV.

When posts are advertised they can also be found here or here or on  

Graduate Students

The CoE welcomes applications from suitable candidates wishing to specialise in either solid state or organometallic chemistry. Candidates can apply for an already funded SCG place within the CoE, although only a limited number of these are available each year. These will normally be advertised in February-March each year. Adverts can be found here or on  

Further information on graduate opportunities in chemistry can be found here and here. Information of funding for international students can be found here. Information on how to apply for places at Oxford can be found here. Students usually start their D.Phil in October. 


If you are interested in joining  or finding out more about opportunities at the CoE please contact Professor O’Hareor Melisa Holloway.