Research in the Goicoechea group is primarily focused on the chemistry of main-group elements in unusually low oxidation states, p-block species exhibiting multiple bonds, and transition-metal organometallic complexes. Our interests range from traditional coordination chemistry to the chemistry of nanometric molecular systems, and we are particularly fascinated by compounds which fail to obey conventional bonding paradigms.  The common feature to all of our research is that it involves the synthesis of previously unknown molecules and solids. We are interested in compounds of the main-group elements in unusual oxidation states, p-block species exhibiting multiple bonds, main-group clusters and transition-metal organometallic compounds. We are particularly fascinated by molecules that defy conventional rules for bonding and that exhibit unusual reactivity.

Our current research can be divided into three main categories: (1) Organophosphorous chemistry; (2) Main-group and transition-metal cluster chemistry (3) Organometallc chemistry: Ditopic cabanionic NHC and redox-active ligand systems.

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