Dana-Georgiana Crivoi joined the O'Hare group in September 2016. She completed her undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at UPB, Romania, in 2009. In 2011, she obtained an MSc from UPB in Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics, with Prof. Dr. Anca Marton. In the same period, she worked in the labs of Dr. Petru Filip and Dr. Constantin Draghici at the Research Center “C.D. Nenitescu” in Bucharest, studying fulvene and ketene addition to epoxides. She then moved to Tarragona, Spain, to do her PhD in Chemical, Environmental and Process Engineering in the group of Prof. Dr. Francisco Medina. Here, she developed hybrid materials based on LDH and studied their activity in asymmetric reactions. In Oxford, she will work on core-shell LDH catalysts in collaboration with SCG Chemicals.

When not in the lab, she enjoys creating jewelry, nail-art designs and listening to music.